What is Melody Scanner?

Melody Scanner is a mobile app / website, where you can convert your audio files, microphone recordings, or even YouTube videos to sheet music.
You can then play, edit, or use Melody Scanner to learn them.

What instruments are supported?

Currently Piano, Singing, or Flute songs are mainly supported by Melody Scanner. But for Guitar and Violin, which are in an experimentical state, you can also yield quite good results.

We are working on other instruments, too, so follow our social media to stay up to date 😉

How good are the transcription results?

For Piano our algorithm achieves an accuracy of about 86%. But the results strongly depend on how good the recording’s quality and how complex the music is.

Does Melody Scanner support polyphony?

Transcribing polyphonic audio is a hard challenge.

Currently we can detect two musically independent voices (which is one per hand for a piano song).

But in the editor you can create up to two voices per staff (this means four voices for piano songs).

What is the Premium subscription for?

In the free version (BASIC) of Melody Scanner there are some limitations in features (e.g. you can only see 40 bars of a sheet).

By buying a subscription you support us developing new awesome stuff and in return you get access to some more features.

You can buy Premium for one month or for one year.


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